Saturday, October 11, 2014

There's always enough time for something special

Many of you know that in January I began an MBA program partially out of gaining focus on what I wanted to create with my career and partly out of simple boredom. With Jason at school/doing homework most weeknights, I was left to my own devices for entertainment. And since my degree wasn't at-all related to my career goals, I decided an MBA would be a great way to do something useful with this extra time of mine before more "grown-up" responsibilities (i.e. kids) came into Jason and my life.

All of this is said to indicate why I haven't posted ANYTHING on this site in nearly EIGHT MONTHS! Now my nights and weekends are filled with reading case studies and editing papers, but throughout this time I've made sure to carve out moments for creative work whenever I've been asked to help with something truly special. One of these moments happened (much) earlier this year when my cousin Kathryn asked if I could create the programs for her wedding to her now-groom Jason (yes, both the cousins whose names start with K's married Jasons lol).

If you don't know by now, I consider the details to be some of the most important parts to any event. The fonts, textures, and colors you use in your paper products play a huge role in setting the tone. And these days with the amazing resources available through the internet, I think it's common for brides to see something uniquely special and know that they have to have something similarly perfect for their big day.

Kathryn mentioned that she loved programs where different, but complimentary, fonts were used. And the design we finalized matched the familiar but elegant tone of her wedding day.

Kathryn is definitely another woman cut from the Hoyt family cloth - the rustic details of her wedding day were absolutely perfect (enough to make a bride wish she had done some of the same things herself lol) and I couldn't have been happier to see another beloved cousin of mine marry someone who I know understands and loves her exactly for the reasons that make her who she is.