Friday, April 5, 2013

Why hiring a Design Service for your save the dates is worth it!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve chosen custom save the dates for the first week of my “Why Hiring A  ________  is Worth It” series. 

Sure, it helps promote my services, but the great response I received from my own personalized save the dates was a large inspiration for offering my design service to others to begin with.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating Jason and my save the date insert, giving a reader’s digest version of our relationship to those we sent ours to, but I never anticipated the amazing response I received from them. And what was really fantastic about the response, was that we spent less than $2 a piece for our save the dates (inserts and magnets). So even more than being excited about how affordable they were to have made, I appreciated their affect more than I knew I would.

I could go on and on about why having your stationery custom made is worth it, so I chose the top 3 reasons why I came to see that spending money on our personalized save the dates was a worthy expense:

1.) Connecting with those guests who may not be well-acquainted with you and your fiancée: Weddings are often a chance for family and friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time to reconnect and celebrate together, which means that it is natural for many people on your guest list to not know how you and your fiancée got together. Even if your love story is simple and sweet, providing all guests with a snapshot of who you are as a couple is a great way for them to feel included and excited about your wedding day, even if they haven’t been there every step of the way leading up to it.

2.) Setting the mood: Using something custom allows you to set the mood and tone for your wedding months before your actual big day. Showing guests your style, theme and/or colors can help build their excitement and anticipation of coming. If they know you’re going for a festive Paris theme, they may get to enjoy the excitement of it all by going out and getting an outfit that’ll go with your night.

3.) Being Queen for the day: Who hasn’t dreamed of having someone walk into their closet and magically provide every piece of clothing you’ve ever wanted? Having custom stationery done provides that same exciting experience. If you wish you would’ve worn a different color dress for your engagement session photos, with the magic of Photoshop your stationery designer can turn that hot pink into a creamy peach. Or if you really like how a certain script appears on your save the date, but the “F” in your beau’s name just looks weird, your designer can offer upwards of 20 different F’s that can be substituted. Your wish is their command.

One of the most fantastic things about having something done custom is you are more-likely to be able to find something you love that you can actually afford, rather than having to settle for what’s already available within your price range. Designers are constantly ordering products from printing companies, which typically leads them to getting special discounts and deals that they can happily use for a client’s order. They’re also familiar with the infinite options of paper, envelopes and other coordinating products you might never have known you could afford!

And having your save the date be something special and personal allows it to be more than a quick post-it note to have people put your wedding date in their calendar. It’s an opportunity to excite, entice and share with those you’re hoping to be there for your big day.

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