Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Where in the World Have I Been??

This has been an exciting few months to put it lightly. 

First, the wonderful women on the Hoyt side of my family threw me a fun tea-party themed Bridal Shower back in June – complete with big hats and a very memorable life-size picture of me all dressed up at a birthday party I had ages ago.

As a thank-you present to these wonderful ladies, I decided to make each of the women responsible a set of personalized note cards – which I was especially excited about doing for one of my cousins who is getting married next Spring (and I’m sure will need some new stationary to reflect her new married name) :)

After the shower I took a much-needed beach trip with some of my friends, began (and finished) some online business courses to help with some future career goals, and worked on finalizing all of those hairy last-minute details of wedding planning.

Jason and I are very excited and happy with the final invitations we put together (I got to put my first batch of them in the mail today!) and I’ve gotten to spend some time making fun papery for the events related to the big day, along with others we’ll use to keep things personal and fun at the ceremony and reception.

True to form, I of course won’t be posting any pics of those things until after the big day :) but I’m excited to share them with our loved ones and the online world soon!

Under the advice of my cousins, I also decided to up my branding and start putting my mark on the designs I’ve been making via a simple stamp with my website’s name. 

It's been a crazy few months and I'm so excited for so many of my long-term projects coming together! More to come as I "release" my other designs :)

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