Thursday, February 13, 2014

Another Hoyt Cousin is Getting Married!

It's been an undoubtedly joyful season for my grandparents as the last two years have already been filled with my cousin Derek and my own wedding celebrations and we get to keep the party going with my cousin Kathryn marrying her wonderful fiancee Jason (yes, there will be two of them now) this April! The larger family had the chance to meet Jason for the first time back in 2012 when he joined Kathryn in Boston for Derek's wedding and we all loved him from day one. It's been really touching to see my cousins find partners who I know will be sources of support, fun and love throughout their lives together.

The women on both sides of Kathryn's family decided to take advantage of having so many family members in town this past November, due to the holidays, and throw her a bridal shower in upstate New York. My cousin Amanda, the maid of honor, spent a lot of time creating a fun and festive shower for Kathryn with a champagne theme (The two even visited the Korbel cellars in California to buy all the bubbly for the event). And with so much excitement and love in the room it was a great way to spend the weekend up in the chilly weather.

Above are the women of the Hoyt side: my cousin Amanda, Grandma,
Aunt Nancy, Bride-to-Be Kathryn, her mom Martha and myself.

The champagne glasses my Aunt Nancy made for all the guests as favors and the awesome
Bride glass Amanda got for Kathryn.

I was honored to help with designing the invitations and putting together some games for the guests to help them learn some fun facts about the couple. When I asked Amanda what we were going for with the theme she told me that the colors were purples and silvers, and knowing Amanda I knew there was an understood excitement around including any kind of glitter or gems possible:

With so many women, from all of Kathryn's walks of life it was fun to have a game that everyone could participate in and laugh throughout to help bring the crowd together and know some of the couple's cute qualities:

The weather was freezing but the homemade sweets and champagne were delicious and it was such a beautiful afternoon to be sitting in a warm lodge with snow surrounding us outside. It's really special to have family around you as you go through these big life moments and we're all so excited for Kathryn & Jason! 

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