Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why paper can make (or break) an event before it even starts

From the beginning of this creative venture I have held the opinion that using paper to publicize an event makes a WORLD of difference. The momentary acknowledgement that a simple Facebook invite or status update  prompts can’t even be compared to the experience a recipient gets to go through when receiving something like an invitation or announcement in the mail. Do I need to illustrate?

Facebook Experience:    Mailbox Experience:
See status update              See something in the mix that isn't yet another bill
“Oh Cool”                              Wonder what it is
Move On                                Wonder who it’s from
                                                  Walk inside, with that mystery still nagging you
                                                  Rip open the envelope to see what it is
                                                  “Oh Cool!”
                                                  Stick announcement/invitation onto Fridge as a reminder
                                                  Optional: Call sender to congratulate or express
Not-optional: get that same boost of excitement each
                                                  time you
 see it hanging on your fridge

Now I know the above is a bit much, but it’s true people! I have enjoyed going to the mailbox so much this year because of all the exciting things happening in all of my friend’s lives, and all the fun mail I get to see mixed in with the pizza advertisements and monthly statements.

I’m reiterating this opinion of mine tonight because it relates to the design work I had the privileged of doing this past week.

A family friend’s daughter is getting married this Fall, and the Mother of the Bride was starting to get worried after not receiving many updates from their venue in regards to guests booking their stays at the lodge. She knew there was plenty of time left but, like with many wedding-related hotel blocks, the Bride’s family had to put down a major deposit to secure the rooms for their tentative guests; a deposit that would not be refundable. So I was asked to create something fun and festive, to get everyone excited for the Bride & Groom’s big day, giving a sneak peek of the fun events taking place that weekend, and encouraging guests to call the resort to book their stay.

My design job was fairly easy since this friend loved my “Save the Date” and was hoping to go for a similar feel. For my own artistic integrity I pushed myself to change some of the major design elements. And I put major effort into their being a different feel for this design from my own “Save the Date.”

I was obviously excited to have a new project to work on (and a paying one at that!) but I also loved working on this because the whole point of this design was completely in alignment with my event-preparation philosophy...

Half of the enjoyment of an event is the build-up and preparation. 

And in sending something like this to guests, it gets them involved in the process. They feel included in the plans, and see that you are thinking of them and can’t wait to enjoy the wonderful upcoming event with them. While getting multiple emails in regards to the same thing can be annoying and unwaranted, I have never known someone who didn't enjoy a little extra pick me up in their mailbox. So whatever the occasion, go ahead, get to printing! 

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