Thursday, February 28, 2013

At-Home Date Night

I’ve seen countless posts on Pinterest now about questionsyou should ask one another before getting married. The truth is, Jason & I spentour first year of dating going through many of the token questions because weare both cerebral people, and I think we really first bonded over enjoyingthose kinds of philosophical, life questions. It also helped that we first “met”through EHarmony, which forced us to blatantly advertise our views before evenmeeting face to face.

But this week I came across a new pin titled “30 Date YourHusband from Home Questions.” Given that it was going to be for people who werealready committed to and living with each other I wanted to see what the authoroffered up.

It only took a few questions to see that she had hit thenail on the head with these, and while there are some that don’t apply to Jasonand I yet (mainly children questions) I decided to make print them out for usto go to the next night we unexpectedly find ourselves with nothing to do.

Jason is in class four nights a week this semester, so weadmittedly have gotten out of the swing of how to enjoy a night together otherthan zoning out to the tv or a movie so I’m excited to pull these out(hopefully soon) to add a little quality to our time.

Because I’m me, I went ahead and made a cute littlecontainer to house all the folded up questions (out of my favorite brand ofcoffee’s container lol) and plan on adding to the jar as I come across more andmore.

Here are the two main blogs I pulledquestions from thus far: 

I truly believe in getting these important questions “out of the way” before making any big commitment to each other.I know that Jasonand my happiness was founded on our understanding of each other’s views andperspectives early on, so I’m glad to see the online world encouraging othersto do the same!

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