Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Coffee Mate SF Vanilla Creamer to my Coffee

I saw a really cute idea of a valentine’s card on Pinterest that I wanted to make for Jason 


But the truth is it took me awhile to think of the best comparison to use for us... I’m a minimalist when it comes to food (I kinda like Peanut Butter on it's own more than Peanut Butter with Chocolate) and while he is the chilled-out vibe to my anxiety-ridden mind, I wanted to think of something that would tell Jason just how much he adds to my life.

And then it came to me….

If you have any interactions with me before 10 am, you know about my love affair with Coffee Mate Sugar Free Vanilla Creamer. There is truly no substitute. I sadly have had to face this reality the few times I’ve purchased other brands when the Coffee Mate was all out. 

My mornings just aren’t the same without that liquid gold.

This made me think of the many ways Jason really is like my special creamer. I took the opportunity to remind him how there are many tough times in life (ie. Mornings) and while there are ways to get through them (ie. Coffee) if you have the pleasure of finding something as special as the love of your soul mate (no – I’m not putting my creamer in competition with Jason for this one lol) your tough times can actually turn into really wonderful times.

I’m grateful every morning for my Coffee Mate, and every 
moment for my Jason : )

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