Saturday, February 16, 2013

Computer-Free Morning

I gave myself a break from technology this morning so that I could zone out and focus on something creative and fun. I’m a multi-tasker at heart, but I realized how much less I get out of an enjoyable activity if I’m doing it while I simultaneously have my computer up and music blasting in the background.

In today’s culture it is normal to be available to your friends via chat, texting or a phone call at all times, so it feels normal to have 3 different things running at once in case someone has something they “need” to tell you; but, especially on the weekends, that habit can take away from what you’re trying to “focus” on.

So I got myself a hot cup of my standard (but amazing) coffee (Mickey Mug included) and pulled out one of the many projects I have lined up to complete from now until November (without also logging onto facebook and keeping it in front of me). I said hello to my notorious friend the circle cutter, and got to work on creating a cute “Just Married” sign for our Sweetheart table.

The letters are from a great template from Martha Stewart Weddings that was all the letters of the Alphabet with different borders around them.

Now with my handy-dandy self-correcting cutting board, I cut out all the letter circles along with some orange and brown circles with a slightly larger diameter to pull in our wedding colors.

And after cutting out about 30 circles, it came together like this:

As a side note, I am really thankful for the increased popularity of blogging. I've always appreciated Facebook's ability to connect friends that are separated by physical distance, and I think that blogging can be used in the same way. I have many friends from college and family members placed all over the country (some even internationally-based) that I'm so happy to be able to share these experiences with. A wedding is an exciting time for any family, and I'm grateful that my family members near and far are able to go through this experience with me thanks to this blog : )

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