Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another lesson in patience

It’s been a really exciting week for Jason and I in regards to wedding planning.

One of the things that I adore about Jason is how much he cares about the details. Most men are more than happy to let their future bride take the reins with wedding planning, making every decision and taking on all the stress. But in life in general Jason cares a lot about certain aspects of every project that I do. He is a great partner for me because he lets me go for it, doing whatever I think is best, but then provides really helpful input and advice on the things that I come to him for.

I don’t take this quality of Jason’s for granted at any moment, and knew that our wedding would be significantly more special for him if he had some input on the things that he wanted to. It was his choice for our main wedding color to be Orange (his favorite color), he told me 3 or 4 details he would really like for me to have on my wedding dress, and he was the master-mind behind the wax seals we used on our Save the Date inserts.

Those inserts were actually a team effort on our part and I can’t say how much his influence on me improved their final look.

I first decided to design a “timeline” of our relationship to include with our Save the Date magnets after seeing similar examples on sites like etsy and Pinterest. The timeline was my first real project that I decided to give a shot at – after seeing people charge close to $150 design fees for them online, I wanted to see what I could create on my own.

The two images below are the two main designs we worked with. The first on the Left was created over a few days while brainstorming on the key moments in our relationship and looking at various examples online. I wanted to truly design something of my own,  but with little experience I had to start off combining the various aspects of different ones that I thought were best. I was proud of what I created and showed it to Jason and asked for his real opinion on it. While Jason thought it was great, he told me that he knew I could make it even more fantastic if I allowed myself some time to work on it and let me creative energy work itself out. Jason giving me that freedom allowed me the patience to let my ideas marinate and become something that wasn’t merely a copy of someone else’s work…what resulted was the image on the Right.

I have already received some very sweet responses from those who received our save the dates; saying that they truly gave an impression of our love story and the joy, passion and excitement we have for one another. I know that Jason will continue to teach me the value of patience for years to come; but it was cool to have a physical project that I could concretely look at when my creative-sense felt satisfied and see its true benefit. Everyone says that they have the "best" guy but I really think mine is :)

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