Saturday, January 12, 2013

How paper crafting has improved my relationship with my Fiancée

Paper crafting has improved my relationship with my fiancée. Let me explain…

I am engaged to a man who loves to tinker. Whether it’s with his car, his iPhone, the lights in our apartment…if it’s something mechanical, Jason wants to tinker with it (whether the tinkering is necessary or not).  And one major thing about tinkering is that it gives you this great appreciation for the right tools. It’s just plain and simply not safe to re-wire the electrical system of your car without certain safety items, and it can take four times as long to hang a picture straight without a laser leveling tool. But, unfortunately these tools can be very expensive….

I should also mention that my money philosophy has always bordered on mild deprivation. If I don’t need it, I won’t buy it. But Jason is just not like that. He tinkers so much, that tools are his guilty pleasure. It’s probably not hard to imagine that my money philosophy mixed with his love for tools has caused a few heated discussions about the importance of saving, saving, saving. But it all changed once I started really getting into this paper stuff. I can’t express how wonderful a circle cutter is to someone who can’t cut a good circle for her life. Or how great it is to cut a perfectly straight line on 15 pieces of paper with one swipe of a paper cutter. My life has changed!

So now when Jason receives a UPS package containing some new $40 tool for his never-ending car projects, my heart no longer stops for a beat. I no longer want to ring his neck for buying yet another seemingly pointless tool. I quickly remind myself of how important I thought the self-correcting cutting board was when I spent $10 on it last week. And how I can’t wait to buy that $38 paper cutter that will now make it possible for me to cut 20 pages of card stock at once.  So not only has paper crafting given me this new outlet for my creative energy, it has allowed me to better understand my fiancée and I’d say that’s a pretty awesome bonus J

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  1. Love this! Thanks for the encouragement to keep pursuing hobbies to create balance in the relationship. :)