Thursday, January 17, 2013

Currency kills the Creativity...

Many people in today’s world LOVE money, I on the other hand have a much more complicated relationship with that dollar sign.  While today’s society subconsciously associates money with happiness, I am fully conscious of my association between money and stress. When money is good, I constantly feel the singe of it burning a hole in my metaphorical pocket. On the other hand, when it’s tight, it brings my blood pressure to a constant state of anxiety.

This is why I am on a mission to NOT let the joy I experience from expressing myself creatively be stifled by $$. I think that this is probably on my mind today because of how much time I spent working on my Zazzle store yesterday (the Zazzle store truly was created as a means of displaying my work for potential requests – that I would continue to not charge any fee of my own for) and realistically I know I will separate this more and more from the money aspect as time goes on
But I also realized today that I have a great community of friends and acquaintances to seek guidance from! So many of you have started your own creative ventures based on your natural talent for photography, jewelry design, illustration…so I wanted to take today to ask: 

What have been your most successful tools in keeping the passion in your creative venture alive (once money becomes involved)?
this picture sums it up perfectly for me :)

Any comments below are greatly appreciated and highly encouraged :) hugs and kisses from me and the furry child!

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