Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The wisdom of a cat: Part One

If you know me personally, you know I adore my furry child Mya; but besides her undeniable cuteness and hilarious mannerisms that little ball of fluff proves to be a tool of Godly wisdom. In today’s fast-paced world, it can take something as comical as a cat to make you stop, relax, and take in a deep breath. I'll explain further...

My daily 9-5 is spent in the high-energy recruiting world, where every second is about driving down the “time to fill” open job positions and simultaneously driving up hiring manager’s satisfaction ratings. Put simply it’s a hamster wheel on crack.

I was blessed with the opportunity to begin working from home on a consistent basis around the end of last year, and while it was nice to sleep in a little later and work in my yoga pants, there is another undeniable benefit of doing this kind of work from home. Every day, in between the constant conference calls, review meetings and performance assessments, I was faced with this picture of utter indulgence from Mya. It didn't matter if I had a noisy conference call on speaker, or the dog upstairs was having one of his barking fits, Mya is an animal hard-wired for personal enjoyment; she puts relaxation at the top of her list of priorities and she's darn-well going to accomplish just that.

I'm putting it out there --- I admire my cat for her ability to chill like it's her job

And that's what made me think...While I've done a great job at growing professionally and experimenting with different professional roles the last two years, I have totally abandoned my creativity. Like many people in today's economy, my Job has become my purpose, and the things I just utterly indulge in have gone to the wayside. 

I am excited to see what re-opening that door of creativity will lead me to finding in myself this year. So today as I finish typing this I am sending some major thanks to God for giving me that moment of clarity when I decided really do this, and the silly avenue of my cat to speak this message to me. 

Whether it's your children, your furry children or even just pictures of your favorite memories, remember to put those things that keep you centered on your true joy and happiness all around you as you spend your 40-something hours in your professional world. Because any time you can step out of that career world, you're instantly reminded that it is those things that truly bring us happiness and fulfillment.

Much love today from me and Mya :)

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  1. <3 proud of you girlfriend! excited to see your creative journey! :D