Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nothing says it quite like paper...

I am a child of the internet age. I'm the first to post on facebook when something exciting happens in my life, and I'm all for an email over a phone call when it comes to pesky work messages. But this winter I discovered that I have a nerdy, borderline-creepy love for stationary and papery.

We all know that there are few things as exciting as getting something other than a bill or a catalog in the mail. And even when those things come at expected times (your birthday, the holidays) you never really know what you're going to get until you rip open that envelope flap and open what's inside.

I've always understood the importance of a hand-written thank you note over a quick text or email, but it goes beyond the handwriting. In using real, physical paper you're showing someone that getting this message to them was important to you. Not only were you willing to pay that $0.47 in postage, you took the time to thoughtfully pick something out that expressed the message you were trying to send. And then rather than file the message into their email's "trash," they now have this physical card to put on their desk and remind them many days after of you, and that message you were trying to get to them.

That's why I've decided to really put some time into this love of paper design of mine. I know I love getting a personalized envelope addressed to me with some surprise inside; and I'd truly LOVE to use my creativity and ability to tediously edit a document to perfection towards others receipt of such goodies :)

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